Hi everyone.. I’m a business IT person who likes to write about things that resonate with me – computer, games, the US Pacific Coast, California, tech, where I live now, a little culture, and anything else that feels like home.  This blog is personal, mostly, but I may occasionally touch on bigger issues.

Place is important to me.  I lived in various places in the US, including Austin, Texas, twice, and the San Francisco Bay Area for twenty years. In the US, Coastal California, the Pacific Coast, and then Austin resonate the most with me.  I am also looking at what resonates with me  where I live now –   northeast, US, southeastern Pennsylvania.

I took a long break from blogging in 2012 – 2013, due to family issues.  I will touch on these issues  in the blog.  Now I am back.

amarez – my game name.  You might see me in other places..

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. HI: Just wanted to say that we are in a HP alumni grp together. I read your recent post. Clearly our post-HP experiences are rather similar. But it worked at HP Corvallis as a Sr. Engineer. None the less, my experience investigating fed funds etc mirrored your own. As an engineer i was pushed to consider getting a teaching degree. Thats great if you can fianancially survive for 2 year while you x-train, and if you are ready for the drop in income to 60%. —– Many other thoughts, but i found your blog herel. Wanted to say Hi. We also share an MMPO addiction 🙂 But i am trying to learn Anarchy Online. Was tempted by their Froob deals …:-) Thank you

  2. Thanks LJ – insiteful comments!

    I’ll have to chat with you about MMOS – I’m always looking for more information from knowledgeable people.

    Take care.

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