Two Pools

I love swimming pools.  I love the ocean and lakes too, but I’ve done most of my swimming in pools.  Outdoor pools are the best.

The town where I grew up, northeastern US, has the best public swimming pool in the area.  It was wonderful when I was growing up, and it’s still wonderful.  It’s hot here in the summer.  When it’s not raining, it’s great swimming weather!

Hometown Pool - August 2008

Hometown Pool - August 2008




My hometown pool,  summer, 2008.  The hand is that of a family member, doing laps in the lap lane.  I’m the person taking the picture (waterproof camera).  What a great day.






Pool where I live - SF Bay Area

Pool where I live - SF Bay Area, south of San Francisco

This is the pool where I live.  It’s a shared pool – everyone in the small complex can use it.  It’s a wonderful pool, though it’s not heated, and the humidity is low around here, and our nights are cool.  This means that my pool swimming is limited to summer and early fall.  It the pool  was heated our pool season could go from spring to fall.
Sometimes, when I go for a dip, I’m the only one at the pool.  So then it’s my very own private pool!
I love summer.
amarez – mszv

1 thought on “Two Pools

  1. Swimming is awesome. I love to swim at the river the most because of the wildlife you get to see.

    That does look like a nice clean pool, I used to go to our community pool, only problem is it got too expensive and it was too warm to swim in on a hot day. Might be why I like the beaches and rivers better.

    The temperature for a pool has to be juuuuusssttttt right during the summer. The pools at Hotels and Motels always seem to be perfect.

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