Night Swimming

I live in the land of perfect weather, here in coastal California – a town on the peninsula south of San Francisco, to be exact!  It almost never freezes.  It’s mild in winter, warm in summer but with cool nights.  Did I also say it wasn’t humid?  The weather is perfect.

Once in awhile the weather changes and it’s hot.  Hot as in high 90s (F) and warm even at night.  That’s when I run my portable air conditioner in my bedroom, and that’s when we all complain about the heat.

But – there is night swimming!

Yes, the first photo, below,  looks a bit mysterious, even spooky.  There used to be lights in our pool, but there aren’t lights anymore. But – there is light all around, so it’s fine.  I’m not the only person who enjoys that rare wonderful night swim.

California Pool at Night

California Pool at Night

For those of you who thought the first photo was spooky, how about twilight swimming?
California Pool at Twilight

California Pool at Twilight

All for now,

mszv – amarez

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