MBA – at the mall!

It’s a bit of a trend – business schools with their own campus, either on the main campus, or at another location.

The business building at my school was old and creaky, though the university campus was very nice.   In January 2007, we moved to a new space, at a downtown mall!  You can’t just wander into the school area, from the shops at the mall, though we are in the same huge building as the mall.  As you can see, there are some great views of the mall from the business school “campus”.

View of the shopping mall

View of the shopping mall



View of the shopping mall from one of the corridors of our new location, taken through a glass window.  The business school is in the same building as the mall.  Our space – classrooms, offices, breakout rooms – is very nice.







I think it’s funny.


amarez – mszv

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