Guild Wars – April 2009 – party, festival

In April I went to an online party in one of our Alliance Guild Halls.  There was virtual dancing.  We don’t have Alliance parties very often, but when we do, we enjoy them.
Guild Wars, Guild Hall Party, April 2009

Guild Wars, Guild Hall Party, April 2009









At the end of April, Guild Wars had an in game festival to celebrate their four year anniversary.

 I came from another multiplayer game world, Uru, where there was very little to do.  Consequently, I was amazed that a game company would give you fun stuff to do, in game, for something that only lasted one week.  We had events in Uru, but we had to “make do” with what we had.  One could say that this showed creativity on the part of the Uru players, but it just didn’t seem right.  It’s hard to play “let’s pretend” with no props and nothing changing in the game.

I’ve learned that many multiplayer games  have  festivals.   People like to come together, in a virtual space,  for a reason, for something special.  The festivals in Lord of the Rings Online are said to be quite good, particularly in the hobbit areas.  This makes sense – you can imagine the Shire having really good festivals!

 I enjoyed the Anniversary Celebration.

Guild Wars Festival Game, April 25, 2009

Guild Wars Festival Game, April 25, 2009



I’m playing a game of chance where you stand on a ring, and some sort of blast knocks you down.  If you don’t fall down (not up to you) you win.





GW Festival, another game, April 25, 2009

GW Festival, another game, April 25, 2009

A “whack the serpent” game, where the goal is to tag the serpent heads that rise up out of the ground.  I’m a slow tagger, so I only won when I was the only one playing!
Guild Wars Festival, Dragon Arena, April 2009

Guild Wars Festival, Dragon Arena, April 2009

Here is a view of the Dragon Arena, so lovely and festive.  I didn’t play, I just visited the place.
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3 thoughts on “Guild Wars – April 2009 – party, festival

  1. G’day, it would be nice if you were at all accurate about what that “alliance party” actually was for. It was for myself, and Ri’ana’s Guild Wars wedding. People went to a lot of effort for that party, and it would be nice if you were honest about what it actually was.

  2. Kaelis, it was not my intent to cause offense. I wasn’t sure if this event was a celebration of something that happened in the real world (you got married) or it was a event described as a wedding in Guild Wars. I remember the wedding that was held in Second Life, where the participants did not actually get legally married. So – being unsure, and this being a general blog – I elected to use a more generic term. As I said before, it was not my intention to offend you.

    So, did you get married in “real life”? I’m curious.

  3. We are not as yet married in “real life”, however, it is in the planning, as it were, we are most definitely engaged in Real Life. =) My apologies as to the snarky-ness of the comment, been under a lot of stress of late.

    It was moreso a celebration of our engagement, and our (in planning) wedding. =)

    Apologies again,

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