American Idol Season 8 – my pick didn’t win

The interesting thing about American Idol is that you end up caring about who will win – at least I did.  I thought Kris Allen was quite good (I tend to like singer songwriter types) but I thought Adam Lambert was astounding.  I wanted Adam Lambert to win.

Here’s a neat article I found, about one person’s opinion on how to win on American Idol –

I think the above article is a nice complement to my previous blog post –

American Idol has this thing where people root for the person who is getting better, who is becoming the American Idol, not for the person who is there already.  It makes sense – you can identify with people who don’t start out perfect, but they work at it and they get better, and then they win.  It’s a very American story.

I think this hurt both Adam Lambert, and in previous years, from what I saw on the web (didn’t watch season 5) Chris Daughtry.  When you are already so good, so compelling, in how you sound, how you move, how you present yourself – it’s not exactly rewarding the underdog, rewarding the person who fights the odds and gets better, is it?   Of course – what are you going to do,  if you are already so good – not be good?

I think that’s one reason Adam Lambert didn’t win.  I’m sure there are other reasons, some that may resonate with you, some not.   Some people may simply not like glam rocker types.  Ordinarily, not my type of performer – but darn, I thought he should have won.

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