Fall – where I live

This is Fall, where I live.  It rained yesterday, but it’s sunny today.  It’s not warm enough for swimming – well, maybe if the pool was heated!

My Pool in the Fall

My Pool in the Fall









Some trees change colors, and some don’t.  Some deciduous trees keep their leaves.   Most of the trees and plants are not native to California (just like me!), so the effect can be a little strange.  It’s so wonderful, but at the same time you look around and ask yourself “where the heck am I”?

Fall - Trees and Plants

Fall - Trees and Plants




Even now, in Fall, something is blooming – the bush, below the trees, has little blue flowers. 

I love where I live – San Francisco Bay Area, south of San Francisco, coastal California.






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2 thoughts on “Fall – where I live

  1. Heated or not — you have your own pool!!!!!

    We went for a walk in the Muir Woods a couple weeks ago. Beautiful, drizzly, and slightly chilly (but perfect for hiking). It felt just like home.

    The Bay Area is quite lovely — but so crowded. Which Seattle is unfortunately becoming more and more like.

    Impressive blog site.

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