Walking in the Palo Alto Baylands

Last weekend (and the weekend before) I felt better, so I went for a stroll in the Baylands Preserve in Palo Alto.  (Aside – recovery from knee surgery takes longer than one would think!).  The Bayland Preserve is one of the parks that ring the San Francisco Bay.  The goal is to have the entire bay ringed by parks and a walking trail, but we aren’t there, yet.

Here’s a map – http://baynature.org/places

Some pictures

Palo Alto Baylands Park

Palo Alto Baylands Park



You can see Bxybee park in the distance.   The poles are part of an outdoor sculpture. 





Palo Alto Baylands - Great Egret

Palo Alto Baylands - Great Egret



The bird is a Great Egret, a member of the heron family.





Great Egret at Sunset

Great Egret at Sunset



This one is from my camera phone.






I love the Baylands.

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