Christmas 2008 – Winter Plants


Winter can be cold and dreary in the northeast, where my parents live.  Sure, there are some sunny days, but much of the time the weather is cold and cloudy.  I’m not much of a winter person – I love the California coastal weather.  As the years pass, my parents are, less and less, winter people.  They love the weather in California.

Decades ago my parents closed in their back porch.   The room is not large, but it’s wonderfully cosy,  There  is space for a small dining area, comfortable couches, stereo speakers, and many plants filling the large windows.  It’s like a solarium.  They spent a lot of time there, particularly in winter.   It makes you remember that there are still growing things in the world – memories of California, Italy and Hawaii.

Here are three plants, nestled comfortably against the window, getting some sun.  The left one is a rosemary bush (I think ) with a few purple oxalis that managed to sneak their way into the pot.  The center plant is a miniature rose.  The right plant is unknown.  It was blooming outside in the snow and my mother dug it up – she thought it deserved to live.  My mother can grown anything.



Christmas 2008 - Plants in Winter

Christmas 2008 - Plants in Winter











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