Christmas 2008 – Harbor View – Oyster Point, California

Last Christmas, before I flew to the northeast US  to visit family, I decided to do a “park, sleep, and fly” , since I had to get to the airport so early.  It’s a wonderful thing – you pay for a hotel room for one night, at a hotel near the airport.  The hotel keeps your car, takes you to the airport, and picks you up.    I love it. 
I stayed at a hotel that was a little bit fancy,  a business hotel where I got an excellent weekend rate – The Inn at Oyster Point – .   The inn has a view of the Oyster Point marina in South San Francisco – .  I didn’t even know that South San Francisco, an industrial town south of San Francisco (good name!)  had a marina!  I also forgot that people decorate their boats for the Christmas holidays, just like they do their homes. 

Here’s a view of the marina, at night, from my hotel room.   It was magical.    I had a wonderful time.

Christmas 2008 - Harbor View - Inn at Oyster Point

Christmas 2008 - Harbor View - Inn at Oyster Point

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