A Home for the Outdoor Thermometer

In March I visited my parents in Pennsylvania, the northeast part of the US.   It wasn’t spring yet, but you could tell that spring was, as they say “just around the corner”!

For Christmas I got my parents an indoor/outdoor thermometer.   The outdoor thermometer makes a wireless connection to the indoor device, and the indoor device displays both the indoor and outdoor temperature.  This is both practical and, if you are into weather, fun!

I would have simply hung the outdoor thermometer outside, on a nail.  My father wanted to make a home for it, to protect it from the elements.  So the outdoor thermometer is nestled in its own little house.  Isn’t it cute?

The picture has some glare from the blinds, because I shot it from inside the house, and I didn’t open the window.

A Home for the Outdoor Thermometer

A Home for the Outdoor Thermometer


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