Guild Wars – The Love Continues

In Guild Wars I’m still working up to playing with “real” people.  I want to combine it with my solo play.  I’m waiting because I’m still figuring out all the basics, such as everything the little mini compass map shows you.  An example is the red dots on the compass map – the red dots are the baddies.   When I couldn’t find the cave I was looking for, I amused myself by watching a red dot suddenly appear on the compass map, as an evil mutant monster insect/crustacean thing rose up out of the ground in front of me.  I feel bad killing the variations of gargoyles in Old Ascalon.  The gargoyles seem to have some sort of a culture (albeit a grunting one), but those monster insect things deserve to die.

It takes me forever to orient myself in a new part of the world.  My sense of direction is not great in “real life”, and it’s not great in the game.  I accepted a quest that sent me to Shalev’s cave (Old Ascalon area) – how hard could that be to find? I had it marked on a map I printed out.  3 hours later, I never found it, but me and my tough little priest henchwoman killed a bunch of monsters.  She’s my computer generated companion, but I’m getting quite fond of her.   The next day I discovered I was looking in the wrong place for Shalev.  I also learned what I didn’t know about the compass, the mission map and the general map!

I’m a member of a “Guild”.  More specifically, my characters in-game are in a guild.  My guild is in what is called an “Alliance” of 10 guilds.   The in-game purpose of guilds and alliances is for PvP – player versus player combat.  Combat can be between individuals or groups.   Guild Wars has several ways of doing this, all of which are said to be interesting and fun.  But – you don’t have to do it.  Some of our alliance guilds are into PvP, some are not, but it’s all OK.   We also use our guilds and alliance for friendly socialization, and for helping each other out in the PvE part (player versus environment) – where we defeat the evil beings in our world.   I was invited to join an established guild and alliance.  Each guild had made enough progress to get their members guild halls.  Guild halls consist of an interior and surrounding space, often an island.   These are shared spaces where only members of our guild and alliance can visit, unless we give someone an invitation.   The spaces are beautiful.  I love visiting them – so peaceful.

You can talk to people in Guild Wars via text chat to the people in your play area, your Guild, your Alliance.  I started to chat with people in the Alliance chat – nice friendly people.  It makes the world seem more like an actual world.  Even if you are doing something by yourself, there are other people in the world, some of whom you know.  It’s nice.

Old Ascalan - monster fight
Old Ascalon – monster fight




My elementalist/priest (magician/healer), right, and my henchwoman priest (healer), left, battle a really ugly monster.




One of our Alliance Guild Halls
One of our Alliance Guild Halls




I walk through water.





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5 thoughts on “Guild Wars – The Love Continues

  1. I love GW. If you want, we can try to meet up and play in game; my characters are all a higher level, but I can trot around and keep you company while you level.

  2. Capella – thanks – what a nice gesture. I’ve read what you said about Guild Wars on your blog (older posts) – you are a Guild Wars fan and a GW expert! I haven’t seen any posts on your blog in awhile – maybe you are aren’t posting, or your blog is private now.

    I’d love to play with you, but it might have to be later in the year, if you don’t mind – the whole work and school thing.

    Speaking of work and school, I hope you are doing OK.

    Thanks for finding this blog.

  3. I switched to a new and private LJ after acquiring a stalker, acutally, but I’m glad you remember. Maybe i’ll go back to public posting on Myst BLogs.

    Later ion the year is fine, I work and have school too, I know how it goes.

  4. Hello Amarez .. I haven’t read your blog in a while though have had it in my links list on mine for a while.

    I’m really happy you’re enjoying GW so much .. I even went back in myself today and was greeted warmly by friends who have missed me. A good incentive to get moving forward with the things I’ve enjoyed again. 😉

    You take care my dear friend .. maybe I’ll see you in there sometime soon.

    ~ Sherry 🙂

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